Why, Hello. I’ve Been Expecting You.

I don't blog often, but when I do..I prefer Electric Nonsense.

–          By Darin “DanceGrooves” Patterson

Aloha (the hello one) and welcome to Electric Nonsense! A blog idea that’s been bubbling, brewing and fermenting in my mind for years, that I now release onto the world wide interwebs and I apologize for that coming out sounding way grosser than I meant it to. For those who have no idea who the hell I am, you can take a look at the “About the Author” part of this blog (Editor’s Note- Still trying to figure out how to post the “About The Author on the blog. Oops.) and get a good idea of the type of weirdness you’ve gotten yourself into.

For those that know me and my hilariously witty ways, I’m basically going to treat this blog like a beefed up, ‘roided out version of my facebook page. You’ll see music reviews, movie reviews, opinion pieces, ugly rants, groovy videos, snarky comments, numerous lists, hilarious anecdotes, mildly amusing anecdotes, some anecdotes that are just “ ‘aight” and some stuff I wrote and posted while drunk. You’re gonna have a great time trying to figure out the drunk posts from the sober ones (hint: they’re all drunk posts. Hooray Beer!)

Fair warning:  I’m new to this whole blog game and I’m just getting my bearings, so I’m bound to make a few mistakes…and by “a few,” I mean “way too many,”  so just bare with me for the first few posts and I guaran-damn-tee you that it’ll be a blog that makes other blogs look like a tweet! BOOM! CYBER BURN!

And once this blog hits its stride, you might see articles from some friends of mine who are as equally rib-tickling as yours truly.  Also, while I’m not a “professional” writer/critic “per se”, I was the entertainment editor for the student newspaper at Queens College (GO KNIGHTS!) and I have a pretty damned good idea of what’s cool enough for you to read, watch and distract you from doing actual work. That is my promise to you, the easily distracted reader!  So, with no further ado, I christen thee….ELECTRIC NONSENSE!

*smashes champagne bottle over laptop*

Thank you and Aloha (the good night one)!


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